We have been recognized since 1999 as the leading supplier of sugar tube packaging in Middle East. No other sugar tube packaging company can match our experience and expertise in the field of sugar packing. Al Shami Sugar & Grains Packing is proud to offer all products that can be enjoyable and the quality goes well with the product itself. The unique product presentation and high-end quality of raw and packaging materials ensure the level of commitment to QUALITY across all of our products. Consequently it lead us to become one of the top in brands sold across Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Check out the wide variety of our products....

Brown Sugar Stick 350g

White Sugar Stick 350g

White Sugar with Cardamom 350g

White Sugar Stick 500g (Paper Stick)

White Sugar Stick 500g (Transparent)

Brown Sugar Stick 500g (Paper Stick)

Wrapped Brown Sugar Cubes 400g

Wrapped White Sugar Cubes 400g

Brown Sugar Stick 500g (Transparent)

Natural Brown Sugar Cubes 500g

White Sugar Cubes 500g

Diamond Brown Sugar Sachet 150g

Brown Loose Sugar 500g

Brown Loose Sugar 1kg

Diamond Brown Sugar Sachet 500g

White Icing Sugar 500g

Dark Muscovado Sugar 500g

Light Muscovado Sugar 500g

Sugar Sticks

Sugar Sachets

Salt & Pepper (Sachet or Stick)

Transparent/Paper Sachets

Sugar Cubes

1kg Sugar

Low Calorie Sweetener Sachet

Low Calorie Sweetener Stick

Zero Calorie Sugar Sweetener Spray 12ml

Low Calorie Sweetener 50pcs