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Al Shami Sugar & Grains Packing


Al Shami Sugar & Grains Packing was established in 1999. Since its founding ASSGP has become the leading sugar packaging company in local market and across Middle East countries. The company expanded its business throughout Africa and Europe and likewise continuously expanding on numerous market. The savvy of our business has evidently provide an exceptional high quality products to our clients.

Just as it was in 1999, that dramatic growth has been driven by a devotion to creating excellent products but our success goes beyond that. ASSGP has a long standing commitment to sustain ability, to employing the latest technology and above all to creating a safe environment both for products and employees Vel ne libris dolores.

Our Products

Sugar, Sweeteners and Spices.

4Million+ Production
9,000+ Retail Served
200+ Product
100% Customer Satisfaction
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