Al Shami Sugar & Grains Packing is the first company in the Middle East to introduce the sugar in stick packets since 1999 with more than 3000+ clients in UAE alone. It comes out in white, brown and sweetener with two types of packing: Catering Pack and Retail Pack. We supply Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Aviations, Catering , Private Offices and Class A & B Supermarkets in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Africa and some parts of Europe. The establishment of Al Shami Sugar marks a big step and inspires us to produce major brand called Majestic Sugar. The Launching of the products had a tremendous success in the entire Gulf Regions, Thanks to the determination and dedications of our staff members which endeavors us in achieving our main goal. And with the launching of our latest products: Individually wrapped cubes and Sweetener Spray, again among the many firsts our company had introduced, we continue to stay on top with competitive pricing and HACCP Procedural System.