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Quality is the key to our continuous success in the local and international market throughout the years. Starting from the sourcing of raw materials with the finest quality, we continuously study and explore all the way to seek for the best producers of sugar to meet our requirements. We are using non-toxic flavours that are safe for human consumption as well as food-grade papers and cartons to guarantee that all products are free from harmful chemicals.

Ranking 29th in the recent Top 100 SMEs from a diversity of industries that Dubai and UAE can be proud of, we have persevered to make great success for our business models, innovations and brands over the years. And with the construction of our own facility in Jebel Ali, our factory is one of the biggest sugar packing factory in the UAE and whole of Middle East complete with R & D. We are giving our commitment and unrelenting desire to excel and grow more.

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Specialized facility and premises.

Dedicated quality team

Ensure highest quality raw materials used in the production

Expert staff and well trained food handlers

Implemented quality polices

Logistics with diverse range of vehicles for delivery on dependable timing

Customer satisfaction with dedicational continual improvement and support

Product Identification & Coding

It is a commitment of Al Shami Sugar to provide the highest quality of products and services for our clients. Our factory and procedures are certified with HACCP System by BM TRADA.

We at Al Shami sugar provide the highest quality of products and services for our clients, our factory is controlled by HACCP team leaders, lead by [PIC] person in charge as well as quality is concerned. This assures proper [SOP] Standard operating procedures and implementing the HACCP system in the facility.

Traceability System Management

Our products comes from the finest raw materials systematically grouped, giving each group a lot number to easily identify its arrival. Lot identification is essential in product recall and also helps effective stock rotation. Each container of food should be permanently marked to identify the producer and the lot. By using this system every product we produce and sell can be traced back to origin if necessary. With this the establishment of security through product quality has been provided.

Auditing and Verification Procedures

Auditing procedures has been designed to ensure that all the procedures laid down in the quality system documentation are adequate to implement the company’s quality policies. We are regularly audited by regulators such as Dubai Municipality and BMTrada whose credibility were of the highest and well known.

In addition, our doors are open to all our clients who wish to conduct on site Audits of our facility in order to be given more trust and satisfaction upon which they are given a chance to see all our satisfying process flows of the production.

Supplier Approval Procedure

These procedures ensure that the materials or services used for the activities of the organization are procured from a reliable source. This is to guarantee that all the products supplied to us are sources from reputed and approved suppliers. The products supplied to us are verified, checked and quality ascertained. Each of the critical parameters mentioned on our purchases are guaranteed. Furnishing certificate of analysis from time to time are meticulously checked and maintained.

Furthermore, onsite visits are made to all our suppliers time to time to ensure /evidence the safety of all the materials supplied to our organization are safe and quality guaranteed.